The Elder Scrolls Online: Blacksmithing in Tamriel

Zenimax has released a video explaining the Blacksmithing profession.

There are a lot of crafting professions in The Elder Scrolls Online: Blacksmith, Clothier, Woodworker, Provisioner, Alchemist and Enchanter. Paul Sage (Creative Director), Nick Konkle (Lead Gameplay Designer) and Chris Strasz (Lead UX Designer) made a video presenting the Blacksmith profession.

The trailer explains how the crafting window works, with its tabs for creation, adding a racial style, improving an item or learning traits. On top of that, you'll see the effect of one of the crafting passive skills: Keen-Eye. This skill makes resources found in the wild glow from a distance of 20m to 40m, helping you to spot them.

After collecting various types of resources, including leather which only drops on mobs, the Khajiit crafter heads into Ayleid ruins to find special crafting stations. Those stations are found in unique locations and allow crafters to make special sets--in this case, Magnus' Gift set, giving a 5% chance of negating the cost of spells. Special crafted sets don't drop in the world and can only be crafted.

And now, it's time for the trailer!

Don't forget to check Esohead for more information on what can be accomplished through crafting!

Guilhemette "Whilhelmina" Giacopazzi


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