Black Gold Online Introduces the Occultist

This sorceress has a heavy emphasis on support healing and ranged damage.

Black Gold Online has introduced a new player class, the Occultist. Formidable sorceresses who practice dark magic, Occultists are a powerful mender class that specializes in continuous restoration and are playable only as females.

Class Features

  • Available Races: Buvont and Lokemean
  • Role Specialization: Support Healer and Ranged DPS
  • Weapons of Choice: Staves and Enchanted Daggers
  • Armor Proficiency: Medium (Leather) Armor
  • Class Trait: Occultists are lightly armored with a low resilience to damage. Their strength comes from fortifying and restoring players around them. Their spells and potions provide group health and stamina replenishment to nearby allies with short cool-downs for continuous support. Occultists have mid-range defensive abilities that sap and stun their opponents.

Signature Moves

  • Tainted Blood: Occultist saps the blood from enemies within cast area, causing damage and revitalizing self. The enemy’s blood is then bewitched and shot forward, leaving opponents in front magically hampered.
  • Dark Angel: A dark angel is summoned to the aid of the Occultist. Reduces damage born by Occultist for a time while providing momentary health recovery to a nearby ally.
  • Brilliant Spirit: The Occultist recites dark incantations to summon a revitalizing light. Health recovery for allies within 10 yard radius plus 50% reduction in damage born for 5 seconds.

Read more about the Occultist class on the official site and sign up for beta today!

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor


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