WildStar Wednesday: Guild Systems

"The guild that plays together, stays together."

If you've been salivating at the mouth for WildStar Wednesday to make its appearance again, it's time to clean yourself up. WildStar Wednesday is back this week and we have all the information you need regarding Guild Systems!

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with a guild.

Guilds have always been a "staple" in the MMO genre; groups of people coming together with a common cause in order to tackle and progress through things they normally wouldn't be able to otherwise--in a nutshell. And while the guild systems in WildStar have added perks, which we'll get to in little bit, the core functionalities of those systems should be familiar to most players. Upon creating a guild, you'll have access to things such as a Guild Vault, re-nameable vault tabs, customizable guild ranks and optional guild taxes.

While the option to toggle mandatory guild taxes is something we don't always see in MMOs, the core of the system remains the same.

Now everyone knows that if you're in a guild, you want to look like a unified force and not a bunch of un-organized thugs. This is where Guild Holomarks come into play. In a typical fantasy MMO, you might have things like tabards or cloaks that help show off your guild colors and emblem--not in WildStar. Since the game primarily takes place in a Sci-Fi setting, it's only right that those tabards and cloaks be replaced with holographic projections of your guild's symbol.

"In WildStar, guilds will be able to create a Holomark: a holographic emblem projected in the air around, or above the character. You can set the various elements of the logo (we've got 65 inner and 65 outer designs at launch, which means around 4225 possible combinations at launch), and then each player can decide where they want to display it on their character. Snazzy!"

Besides looking like a unified and destructive force, being in a guild can grant huge bonuses and perks to all of the members, which can only be unlocked if they actually play together.

"With WildStar, we want guilds to want to play together, and we're going to do everything we can to incentivize that through a guild currency known as Influence."

Influence is a guild currency that accumulates when guild members group together. This can include questing together, killing creatures, running dungeons, raiding, PVP, etc. By doing these things as a guild, you're gaining influence that can be used to help out individual members as well as the guild itself. Because influence cannot be gained for the guild by soloing, this encourages members to be social and group together if they want to gain access to all of the guild perks such as, bonuses, additional member slots, flasks and additional bank tabs. Things that can only be unlocked through the guild system.

Being a Guild Master myself, any system that encourages guild members to play together gets two thumbs up from me!

"As you can see, a small guild that plays together will be able to accomplish infinitely more than a large guild which spams trade chat to invite their members but never groups up to play through the game. We're really excited about guilds being a driving force for being social in WildStar, while we let Circles take the reins when it comes to smaller social circles and hanging out with your various groups of friends."

For the full news post on WildStar's guild systems you can follow this link. As always, be sure to keep a close eye on ZAM as we bring you the latest news, updates and information about this upcoming MMORPG.

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