12 Days of Gaming: Eleven Months of Awesome

On Day 11 of our 12 Days of Gaming, we look back at 11 months of The Scrying Pool and Guild Wars 2 Living World content.

On the 11th day of gaming ZAM gave to thee the most awesome column ever, and last week was the 11th month anniversary of The Scrying Pool, my Guild Wars 2 column here on ZAM.

The Scrying Pool has always been a “what if” exercise about the state and future of Guild Wars 2 and while writing each article I often think “It would be cool if…” I love writing the Scrying Pool and thinking outside the box that is Guild Wars 2, but because I’m always writing about how it would be cool I don’t often get the chance to say how cool it is now.

Last week was also the 11th month anniversary of the Living World initiative with Flame and Frost: Prelude releasing at the end of January and five days after the first Scrying Pool (Hello, little bro). Since then the Living World has seen over 20 releases including some amazing (and perhaps some not so amazing) content.

What I think is the most amazing thing about the Living World is how it has affected everyone differently. A while back, a thread popped up on the official forums asking people to post their most and least favorite patches. Going down that thread you would see every patch listed under each category. One person would have Super Adventure Box under their favorite and the next post would list it as their least favorite. I love seeing GW2 have this diverse community that likes different patches for different reasons.

Personally, my favorite patch for this year was Dragon Bash back in June. The patch was all around fun, from the in-game festivities to the Bash the Dragon theme song for the patch. I also like how the story was time released. There were a few patches that had some of their content delayed until the next week, but Dragon Bash was the only occasion where the time delay felt right. The revelry came out with the patch which allowed players to go have fun in the festivities including Dragon Ball, then a week later it was time to get back to the serious story.

Looking forward I am really excited for what the beginning of next year has to offer. If you are reading this article the day it came out (December 31, 2013), then we are exactly three weeks away from the next patch for Guild Wars 2. This upcoming patch will be the first of only four that will complete the first season of the Living World.


  Matt "Mattsta" Adams

  Have a Happy New Year, a Merry Wintersday and look forward to the Scrying Pool in 2014!

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