Neverwinter: Shadowmantle Launches

Valindra Shadowmantle awaits those adventurers who enter her tower.

Module 2: Shadowmantle launched earlier today on Neverwinter! Players can now adventure in a new zone called Dread Ring and test their mettle within Valindra's Tower, as well as check out the other new content and features:

  • Hunter Ranger playable class: This new class is deadly from afar and has incredible damage capabilities up close as well. Log in and play as one now!
  • Hunter Ranger Booster Pack: This pack is now available for purchase in the Zen Market. Get a head start on your new Hunter Ranger!
  • Dread Ring Campaign: Enter the Dread Ring and encounter new foes. If you survive, you'll be able to face Valindra Shadowmantle herself.
  • Active Companion Bonus System: Each active companion will grant bonuses for your character giving you an extra edge in combat!
  • Collections System: Track all of your existing loot and hunt for new loot, including missing set items, with this system.
  • New Paragon Paths for existing classes: New skills are now available for existing classes! Which path will you choose? Learn more about it here in part one and part two of our Dev Blogs.
  • Artifacts System: This new item type is now added to Neverwinter. These items will become permanent fixtures for your character, and will be able to level up and get more powerful as you advance.
  • Sword Coast Adventures (coming very soon!): Send companions out to complete tasks to earn rewards and gain companion experience, all through the Neverwinter Gateway!
  • Item Progression System: Read more about changes and improvements to the fusing system in Neverwinter.

Still haven't had enough? Check out the trailer below!

 Head over to the Neverwinter official site today and get in the game!

 Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor

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