RIFT - Gifts of the Fae

The updates will bring back old content over the next six weeks.

Trion Worlds has decided to spice things up in RIFT this year. In the usually stagnant time between Halloween and Christmas, in which events rarely happen and little content is released, Trion is scaling old content for the level cap players and dialing down the amount of players required for the content. Over the next six weeks, Trion is re-releasing a rescaled existing dungeon or raid each week during the Gifts of the Fae updates.

Essentially, the raids are reworked as a chronicle, so a player can experience them in one or two player duo. Many of the pre-expansion level 50 saga quest chains ends with a specific level 50 raid. While these are often easy to do at level 60, some of them have mechanics which are not solo friendly. The release of these chronicles allows players to replay these raids in a more accessible way and provides another outlet to earn gear tokens for end game players. Drowned Halls, an old raid, will also return as re-tuned 10-man Sliver. This provides another outlet for 10-man raiding guilds to earn raid tokens.

The release schedule is as follows:

  • November 18 - Deepstrike Mines (dungeon)
  • November 20 - Hammerknell Chronicle
  • November 27 - Greenscale's Blight Chronicle
  • December  4 - Drowned Halls
  • December 11 - Planesbreaker Bastion Chronicle
  • December 12 - Fae Yule
  • December 18 - River of Souls Chronicle

Despite being recycled content, it's nice to see a consistent release schedule of scaled content. If you are interested in checking out RIFT, you can visit the official website or check it out on Steam. Shout out to Silix on Reddit, who helped decode the cryptic announcement.


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