Guild Wars 2: WvW Midseason Report

In a blog post, ArenaNet gave an update on the first season for World vs. World.

In a blog post today, ArenaNet reminds players that Guild Wars 2's World vs World Season 1 is still going with the Midseason Report. The blog post makes a gentle nudge by reminding players of the rewards for finishing the season's meta achievement (the title Veteran of the Mists, a chest with rewards based on your world's performance and a Mini Dolyak), but the biggest news was the changes and reveal of the special Dolyak finishers for winning worlds.

At the start of the season, it was said that the winners of the Gold, Bronze and Silver leagues would get a new dolyak finisher that matched the league (Gold league winners would receive a Gold Dolyak finisher, Silver would get a Silver Dolyak and Bronze a Bronze Dolyak). Today's blog post however, states that the top three worlds for each league will be getting the first, second or third-place dolyak finishers based on their final standing. With the change also comes the first look at what these special finishers look like.

ArenaNet then gave a few fun facts about the season so far:

  • 8 Worlds still remain undefeated
    • NA: Blackgate, Fort Aspenwood, Henge of Denravi and Sorrow's Furnace
    • EU: Vizunah Square, Desolation, Drakkar Lake and Ruins of Surmia
  • The closest victory was only 2,156 points with Drakhaven winning over Ferguson's Crossing

Need to know more about what is happening with Season 1? ArenaNet has updated the WvW leaderboards to show the current standing for each league and a dedicated fan has made infographics for all of the matchups so far.

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WvW...Nothing but a Glorified Team PVP Match
# Nov 13 2013 at 10:30 AM Rating: Decent
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WvW is just a large scale arena match to Arenanet.
So disappointing..
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