Guild Wars 2: The Nightmares Within

Players will enter the Tower of Nightmares in the next Guild Wars 2 content patch.

The Tower of Nightmares content patch for Guild Wars 2 introduced players to the Toxic Alliance formed between the reptilian Krait and the Nightmare Court. In The Nightmares Within release next week, players will be able to assault the tower to face new dangers and challenges.

Players will find special encounters throughout the Tower of Nightmares, but will players find agents of the evil Scarlet Briar or something even more insidious?

Marjory Delaqua has been hard at work analyzing the toxic spores and has developed a special antitoxin. A team was sent to destroy the deadly menace at the heart of the tower, but the team sent to inject the antitoxin never returned. Players will be able to pick up the fight where the others had failed.

Although the Tower of Nightmares has been breached, the effects of the poisonous pollen are still apparent in the surrounding countryside of Kessex Hills.

With a new patch comes a new set of rewards for players to earn:

  • Completing the new meta achievement will award a Gasmask Skin that can be applied to any head armor
  • The Air Filtration Device is a dry-land version of the start aquatic helms
  • Toxic Spore back item

  • Two new Toxic Krait Minis -- one drops from Toxic Alliance foes while the other by killing a special enemy in the heart of the tower
  • Tri-Key Chest -- Players can collect three keys (either from within the tower or by bartering with Marjory Delaqua's helper, Dee) and open the chest for a chance to win special treasures

In addition to this new content, ArenaNet is announcing the Rock the Nightmare music video contest. Winners will win Guild Wars 2 branded SteelSeries gaming gear with a grand prize of a unique Guild Wars 2 guitar. The contest runs through November 6th with the winners being announced around December 13th. To learn more about the Rock the Nightmare contest, go to the official contest page.

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