WildStar: Wear What You Want to Wear

Content Designer, CRB_J-Tal sheds some light on WildStar's cosmetic options.

In a thread created by C1d0s on the WildStar-Central forums, WildStar content designer CRB_J-Tal shed some light on the plans Carbine has for cosmetic gear in the game. He also mentioned changes to the armor upgrade system.

Fans of MMORPGs know that character customization is a big part of the genre, which is why most current generation games have adopted some sort of "costume" or similar cosmetic type systems that allow players to further customize their characters appearance. However, these systems tend to have restrictions placed on them, such as not allowing a cloth wearing class to make their armor look like full plate mail.

WildStar is taking a bit of a different approach to this system and allowing players to make their armor look like that of any other type (Heavy, Medium, Light).

"The Plan™ is that you can only equip your actual armor type on your character but can equip any armor type cosmetically."

If you're like me and full into customizing your character just the way you want then this feature might sound pretty amazing. Looking back at how MMOs have done these types of cosmetic systems in the past, there are usually reasons for restricting what armor a character can show. The most common reason is so that each class has an easily identifiable "silhouette" so other players can quickly figure out what classes they have in a group or are going toe-to-toe against in a PvP situation.

In the case of WildStar, with each class already having a single exclusive weapon type, the weapons themselves act as the silhouette making it so you can wear what you want to wear. No matter which activity you choose to partake in, you'll be able to dress up that Spellslinger in heavy armor, without getting confused for the tank.

Keep in mind though that when it comes to the gear you will be getting actual stats from you will still be restricted to your classes armor type.

CRB_J-Tal also confirmed a few changes on the armor upgrade system. Originally a class like the Warrior would start at Medium armor and then upgrade to Heavy once they reached a certain point in their character progression. With the current system all classes will start with their final armor type at level one without the hassle of having to upgrade later on down the line.

While the game is still in closed beta it's possible we may see some changes to these systems, but I'm looking forward to making my Stalker look like a total Space Ninja-Samurai. Let me know what you think of these features and changes in the comments below. As always, for more WildStar information be sure to visit its official website and keep your browser dialed to ZAM for more WildStar news updates.

See you on Nexus!

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