This is ESPORTS - Video Series

Red Bull looks into eSports with "This is ESPORTS", now on its sixth episode.

When I think of Red Bull, sure I think of the product, but first and foremost I think of the brand's prominence in sports. So it should come as no surprise that Red Bull is beginning to invest more heavily into eSports. 

Over the last year it has been ramping up its StarCraft events, from the humble Red Bull Training Grounds to the $50,000 Battle Grounds in New York next month.

Featuring the top players from their previous events, the Red Bull Battle Grounds in New York will be by far the largest event its thrown to date and one of the few events New Yorkers see.

Red Bull has been around the eSports scene for some time. For an educational tour of eSports, you can follow Red Bull gamer Walshy down memory lane in the Red Bull series ‘This is ESPORTS’, now on its sixth episode.

In typical Red Bull fashion, it is very particular about where it puts its money. It is the only serious sponsor of individuals, offering personal sponsorships to some of the most popular and talented players from different games; Korean StarCraft pro-gamer Bomber and later his whole team StarTale, the massively popular Call of Duty pro-gamer Nadeshot of team Optic and in the past Halo legend Walshy, who they awarded a golden Astro headset upon retirement.

Red Bull isn’t the kind of company that just pulls the money trigger and forgets, they don’t just shower people in money, Red Bull make an investment into that person and makes them a star. 


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