Merc Elite Introduces the Juggernaut

Bigpoint presents the Juggernaut, its newest class in the upcoming military MOBA.

Have you heard of Merc Elite yet? If not, you're in luck. Merc Elite is Bigpoint's upcoming military MOBA currently in beta. It's slated for release this fall as a free-to-play browser game and shows promising signs overall.

Earlier today, Bigpoint introduced the newest of their five classes in Merc Elite: the Juggernaut. The role of the Juggernaut is to disrupt the flow of combat by tanking damage, disabling enemies, and dealing a ton of damage at close range. The Juggernaut's specific skills are:

  1. Buckshot: High damage at close range with a Shotgun.
  2. Augmented Shield: Deflects and absorbs enemy's best shot.
  3. Bola Shot: Temporarily stops enemy in their tracks.
  4. Absorb Sphere: Provides protection to a team member.
  5. EMP Grenade: Temporarily disables enemy skills.

As with any of the five classes in Merc Elite, players can customize these skills after gaining experience and climbing the 8 character tiers. For a more visual explanation of the Juggernaut's abilities, check out this suitably-impressive introduction video below:

Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey
Deputy Editor


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