Guild Wars 2: Twilight Assault

What is coming to Guild Wars 2 next week? Plus a week-long free trial!

Next week's content for Guild Wars 2 will have players going back to an old dungeon with Twilight Assault. Trouble is stirring in the Twilight Arbor dungeon and all the rumors point to the devious Scarlet Briar. Players will meet up with Caithe in an attempt to stop Scarlet's plans, "but it will take daring, wits and weaponry to put an end to the mischief."

The major content coming in Twilight Assault patch is the addition of a new level 80 path to the Twilight Arbor dungeon. Players will work with Caithe to find a way into a secret facility, all while fighting guards, navigating traps and squaring off against the monster at the heart of the stronghold along the way.

Twilight Assault will also include many new rewards for players to earn:

  • Completing Twilight Assault can earn players the glowing Slickpack backpiece or a mini of a powerful foe within Twilight Arbor.
  • Exotic Nightmare Weapons -- These new versions of the Nightmare weapons will be a new rare drop from foes within TA explorable mode.
  • Aether Chests -- Players can collect Aether key pieces from across Tyria. Combine five of these to form a key used to open Aether Chests in TA.

The reveal of next week's content is not the only announcement today, as ArenaNet will be offering an extended free trial of Guild Wars 2. The free trial will start Friday, September 27th and run through Thursday, October 3rd. That is a full week for players to try out GW2 for free! To register for the free trial, go to

If that wasn't tantalizing enough, ArenaNet is also running a discount on the Guild Wars 2 Digital Heroic Edition. Starting on September 27th and running through Sunday, October 6th, the heroic edition will be available on sale for $39.99 at

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