Elder Scrolls Online: Ask Us Anything Variety Pack

PvP, titles, lore and more discussed in this week's batch of community Q&A

Earlier this week ZeniMax Online posted another in their Ask Us Anything series for The Elder Scrolls Online. In these roughly weekly/biweekly posts, the developers take questions from you, the community, and try to answer them to the best of their ability. For this week's AUA, it's time for another variety pack; topics from PvP and titles to lore and spell functionality are all included in this batch of fan-submitted questions.

The bulk of this week's questions are about lore and PvP/Alliance vs. Alliance concepts, so there's probably quite a few of you out there that would love to dig into the developers' answers. If you were hoping for something a little more focused on actual gameplay, there's not much for you this week but I would suggest reading the last Variety Pack AUA which mostly focused on character roles, UI, and other nuts and bolts questions.

Now that The Elder Scrolls Online won't be shipping until spring 2014, it's likely we'll be seeing more of these Ask Us Anything style posts to try and keep the community engaged from now until Open Beta and launch. Personally I'd rather just sit down with the beta and figure out how everything works, but short of a beta key showing up in my inbox, I'll be following these AUA updates with the rest of our readers.

Michael "Ragar" Branham


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