The Secret World Scenarios, Augments and Events!

In the August Director Letter, Joel talks about Scenarios, Augments and Tokyo!

The folks over at Funcom have their heads down working hard to produce content for their passionate The Secret World community, but Game Director Joel had a moment to post August’s Game Director Letter. He talks about Issue #8 and #9, the Gilded Rage Event which recently start, and the “get your art in the game” competition.  

The two big things he tocuhed on were the Augment system and how that is linked to Scenarios. Speaking first about the dynamic scenario system, Joel digests his recent playtest:

“I had a chance to test the most recent iteration of the scenario system and I was incredibly pleased with how it is coming along. There was a moment when my character, attempting to herd survivors into the Hotel Wahid, was caught out by a sandstorm which swept in: reducing visibility in the entire area and damaging my character. I was forced to find cover to survive, but the survivors I was escorting weren’t so lucky!”

He goes on to explain that for those of you seeking a real challenge, these scenarios will require the highest gear for Nightmare mode. For the rest of us there is still Normal and Elite mode.

Moving the conversation on, he details the Augment system:

“Base Augment items are recovered during Scenarios (in the beginning, but itemization of Augments will continue into future content) and must be crafted into useable items before they can be consumed to upgrade Augments in the wheel. The required crafting materials for each upgrade are clearly explained in the tooltips for the base items.

"Once an Augment item is created, it can be consumed at a significant AP cost to learn/upgrade the appropriate Augment in the Augment wheel. In order to upgrade Augments past a certain tier a player must also increase his Augment Skill to the required level.”

Augments can be equipped to any of the 7 abilities in the hotbar and those with the time can collect all 200 augments.

Talking briefly about Issue #9, Joel teases ‘mindbending investigations’ inspired by Japanese custom, myth and legend, set in the crisis ridden Tokyo. With new monsters and mechanics he promises that those who rush into fights will be punished.

For the full details you should read the August letter, but don’t be long, there is shiney loot to gain in the Gilded Rage event that just begun. 

Chris Rainey, Columnist

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