Patch 5.4 is Coming!

Anticipation for Patch 5.4 is high, so I take a look at what we can expect.

With patch 5.4 around the corner there is a lot to look forward to in World of Warcraft. The final raid tier will hit live servers in good shape, bringing raiders a unique PvE opportunity to invade the Horde capital and defeat its tyrannical leader, Garrosh Hellscream.

Having tested many of the encounters myself on the Public Test Realms (PTR), I can honestly say that the Siege of Orgrimmar is going to be awesome, not only introducing Tier 16 gear but heirloom quality items that currently have tooltips that read: “Requires Level 90 – 100.”

If that’s not enough, well then look no further than the Timeless Isle, a new zone filled with treasure chests, Bind-to-Account items, rare and elite beasts, new pets and mounts, world boss Ordos and the Celestial Tournament. Perhaps more importantly, this zone adds no new dailies!

Not enough? How about:

* A new ‘Flexible’ raid difficulty.

* Valor gear available for Justice Points and their previous reputation requirements removed.

* Pets cap increased to 1000.

* A legendary cloak that can be obtained on day one if you are up to date with the quest line.

* 5 world bosses.

* PvP season 14.

What are YOU looking forward to the most?

Penny for your thoughts,


P.S. If you haven’t completed the Battlefield: Barrens quest line and received your title, you have only until 5.4 hits (expected Sept 10) to do so. Check out Wowhead’s guide here. Have fun!


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5.4. Going to be a belter!
# Aug 15 2013 at 3:26 PM Rating: Decent
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Normally I don't particularly get this excited for a patch, but the fact I've experienced normal raiding a short while back has pretty much infected me with it's bug. Orgrimmar I simply cannot wait to try out. It has the key ingredients-fun, challenging, makes you think and keeps you on your toes. I've seen what it's like and it looks absolutely insane which is more than fine by me. I do expect rage at times-but it'll be worth it.

Also really looking forward to the implementation of the flexible raid system. That will be a great help for many guilds, especially on low population servers which is good to see. Also the Timeless Isle sounds pretty dam awesome aswell-another addition to my list of desperate to try out. And what's that? 5 world bosses? Thankyou very much. I feel full and very satisfied now!

PvP I'm not interested in at all but that's down to rage issues. And I also don't do the Pet Battles. But that's just personal choice. I may chose to try it further down the road, but it's not an interest of mine.

And for desert-no new dailies? How to round off a perfect course of an awesome sounding patch. This really does sound like Blizzard have taken on board all the criticisms from players-some of it slight OTT, some of it pretty fair, and gone out of their way to do something for everyone.

No doubt there will be someone ready to QQ about something-there always is-but there's no justification this time round. They've gone out of their way to improve the game for everyone. And I can only but applaud them for this.

Roll on 27th
Can't wait!!!
# Aug 15 2013 at 3:13 PM Rating: Decent
I saw no mention of that badass engineering mount! FOR SHAME hahah Great work
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