WildStar: Meet The Mordesh

An interview with Viktor Lazarin himself. For Science!

Following the reveal of its latest Exile race, Carbine Studios got a chance to sit down and have a chat with Victor Lazarin. The Mordesh responsible for creating the "Everlife Eilxir"--and ultimately the "Contagion"--that doomed his people.

Despite having such a dark past, Victor himself actually seemed quite calm and collective during the interview; as if the interview itself was being calculated in his brain for another experiment. The Mordesh themselves are highly skilled Alchemists and Scientists, which Victor does not hesitate to point out by laughing at the question he was asked regarding turning lead into gold; stating that such child's play was mastered by his race millennia ago. Well at least we know how they managed to afford all of their costly experiments.

Victor was also asked about the Everlife Elixir. An experiment he poured most of his heart and soul into after his wife passed away giving birth to their daughter--information that was revealed to us in last week's WildStar Wednesday. Unfortunately the Everlife Elixer also doomed his people with the Contagion, a disease that turned the Mordesh into violent "space zombies". But in Viktor's defense, the Everlife Elixir was successful in the sense that it did give his race eternal life. However the Contagion that spread throughout the planet afterward was a hefty price to pay.

In order to combat the Contagion, Victor created the Vitalus Serum; a serum which could combat the more deadly side effects of the Contagion. The Vitalus Serum can actually be seen holding some of the Mordesh's more exposed organs in place and fits inside a casing that gets attached to the armor.

A word of warning;  in this interview with Victor revealed that if the Vitalus Serum is removed, the Mordesh go back to being violent flesh-eating "space zombies".

Be sure to check out the full Victor Lazarin interview here and keep your browser locked to ZAM for more WildStar news updates.

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