Talk Azeroth 6: In-Game Store?!

Olivia Grace returns with her thoughts on microtransactions and answers for your questions


This week on Talk Azeroth, Olivia Grace tackles the hottest topic of the moment: in-game microtransactions. But first, she gives the viewer a very short French lesson--the translation is directly after the intro.

Olivia starts off by looking at the datamined item itself: the Enduring Elixir of Wisdom ( Looking at Bashiok's forum post (, she wonders whether it's really something that would qualify as pay-to-win; after all, aren't there already similar items available within the game?
She then takes a look at the mechanical side of an in-game store, and points out how it might affect players' immersion and in-game experience, as well as ways in which it might be made to work. 

Then it's on to the meat of the problem: what is suitable for a cash shop and what isn't. Olivia would love your input on just exactly what you think is OK and what's not. She looks briefly at the psychology of it before hypothesizing about just what might come of the store in the future, and how the player base might react. 

Last up, it's two viewer questions!
If you would like to send a question or comment, do email Olivia at, tweet her at @oliviadgrace or leave a comment below.


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