Real Money Gambling MMORPG Opens Beta

Dragon's Tale Beta Begins 7/12 at 12PM EDT

eGenesis, makers of A Tale in the Desert, are opening the gates of Dragon’s Tale! Beginning on Friday, July 12th at 12PM EDT, eager gamblers can try their hand at the quest-driven world. At the time of beta, 60 games will be playable, composed of elements of both skill and chance. Players who wish to try their luck can do so with a credit card or the more appealing option, Bitcoins.

Bitcoins, for those who don’t know, are an online currency used for e-commerce. Their use is currently limited to select outlets and start-ups; however, acquiring them is free and only requires a decent video card. Mining Bitcoins, even if confusing in concept, is simple in practice. While the computer is unattended, a free program is allowed to run in the background, processing complex algorithms and uncovering coin fractions as it progresses. These coins are then exchanged at one of a number of online markets which, if you don’t want to wait, also allow you to purchase them outright.

Lest you think that Dragon’s Tale is yet another virtual casino, think again. “I was expecting slots, roulettes, card tables and bouncers,” writes one player. “Instead, I was presented with a world [. . .] and a lot of other avatars running around.” The developers promise that the included mini-games each offer a unique take on online gambling and see players tipping cows, catching fish, and searching for dragon eggs. 

International legality remains a grey area. In most of North America, online gambling is strictly prohibited. Financial institutions have been known to forcibly reverse suspect transactions, even if the winnings are no longer in the account, causing many customers to go into overdraft. It is unclear whether Bitcoins is a currency free from such restrictions or whether limits on credit card use will apply in restricted jurisdictions. We have reached out to the developer for comment.

Apart from that, there's really only one question: how much would it take for you to tip a poor, unsuspecting cow?


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