Guild Wars 2: Achievement Rewards Incoming!

Starting with Tuesday's content patch, players will be rewarded for their earned achievement points.

A new reward system will be coming to Guild Wars 2 with the Bazaar of the Four Winds content update next Tuesday, July 9th. This system will give out rewards to players based on their account's achievement points. If you already have a good chunk of achievement don't worry, as any points already obtained by the patch will still count toward these new rewards.

What is a new reward system without some new and exclusive rewards? Included in the system are:

  • Armor and weapon skins including the Radiant armor, Hellfire armor and Zenith weapon skin sets.
  • Permanent account bonuses like boosts to Magic Find, experience from kill, karma gain and more.
  • Gold, gem, karma and laurel currency rewards.
  • PvP Rewards in the form of skins and glory boosters.
  • WvW Rewards in the form of Badges of Honor and siege blueprints.
  • Utility Items such as Instant Repair Canisters, Revive Orbs and powerful boosters.
  • Unique Titles to show off your achievement prowess.

With this new reward system, the achievement panel is getting a facelift. Players will still find achievements located under a tab of the Hero panel, but will find things to be quite different. The achievement panel will open up on the Summary page that will give information on the achievement rewards you have unlocked on your account as well as listing recently completed achievements. The Watch page will work like an expanded achievement tracker listing up to 20 achievements the player has marked to be tracked.

The way achievements themselves are shown and listed is being changed as well. The achievement categories will be organized by groups in the hopes for easier achievement navigation and discovery. The achievements themselves are also shown differently. Each individual achievement will have its own page giving breakdowns on objectives, points, rewards (such as titles or items) and even suggested locations for some.

If you like the idea of getting rewards in Guild Wars 2, then you should check out the game's Facebook page. If the page reaches 1 million Likes by the end of July, then everyone (whether you liked the Facebook page or not) will get the following in-game rewards:

  • A Special Achievement
  • A Communal Boost Bonfire
  • A consumable boost which grants 200% Magic and Gold Find for 24 hours
  • 3 Consumable Fireworks

As of today, the page is less than 85,000 likes away from the big 1 million.

Check back next Monday as ZAM will be giving an early look at the Achievement Reward System and the other exciting additions coming with next week's content patch!

Matt "Mattsta" Adams


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