Guild Wars 2: Bazaar of the Four Winds

The next content patch for Guild Wars 2 is coming July 9th and has a mercantile flair.

The next content patch for Guild Wars 2 is only a week away, coming out next Tuesday, July 9th. This new patch, titled Bazaar of the Four Winds, will be adding a bunch of new things to the game including new mini-games, new rewards and an all new PvP map! 

In the newest update, Bazaar of the Four Winds, merchants are converging from all corners of Tyria to sell their wares. The gathering will feature more than just shady characters and risky trades because, this year, the mystical flying Zephyr Sanctum has landed, bringing magical crystals and amazing movement skills to traders and adventurers alike. In addition to experiencing movement in a new way, players will partake in new themed-events and join in the thrill of the trade.

Along with the living story update, this patch will include:

  • Belcher's Bluff Mini-game -- In this new permanent mini-game, players will put their drinking (with Omnomberry Juice of course) skills to the test. Not challenging enough? Then challenge your friends in the PvP mode!
  • Sanctum Sprint Race -- A competitive race through an obstacle course making players leap over barriers and fly through the air.
  • Aspect Back Items -- Competing in the race has a chance to reward players with one of three special back items representing the aspects of wind, sun and lightning.
  • Lessons from the Sky Scavenger Hunt -- Using their mastery of wind, sun and lightning, players will search for Sky Crystals and explore hard-to-reach places in the Labyrinthine Cliffs.
  • Zephyr Sanctum Model -- Completing the Scavenger Hunt's achievement will award players with a miniature model of the Zephyr Sanctum, which will let players view the ship even after it has flown away.
  • Personal Quartz Node -- Completing the meta achievement for this content will unlock a daily resource node in the player's home instance, allowing the harvesting of quartz (a new material being introduced for all new crafting recipes).

This patch will also include a couple major features to the game. First is the Account Achievement Reward System. With this system, players will be able to unlock rewards like exclusive (and new) armor skins, weapons skins and permanent account bonuses. Players will also be able to earn laurels, gems, gold, "powerful items", PvP and WvW rewards as their achievement scores grow.

The last addition with this patch is the new PvP map Skyhammer. Players will battle for control of the three capture points in this high-tech Asura lab filled with jump pads, shattering floor panels and a gigantic, mega cannon! Check out the preview video below.

If you want to know more about the Living World overall, check out ZAM's interview with Chris Whiteside, Design Director for Guild Wars 2.

UPDATE: Colin Johanson has put out a video and blog explaining that Guild Wars 2's living story will be updated regularly. It's official--confirming our suspicions from the last few months--that ArenaNet will be releasing new content every two weeks.

Matt "Mattsta" Adams


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