Arena of Heroes Launches

Zattikka launches cross-platform MOBA, the first with "Asynchronous gameplay"


If you like MOBAs there are plenty of choices on the market for you to peruse. The latest to launch is Arena of Heroes, a truly cross-platform offering which is available for PC, MAC and iPad.

There are some differences, other than the ability to play on the go, which AoH offers, including its turn-based gameplay and its Asynchronous mode, allowing you to play multiple games at your own pace with each player having up to 5 days for their turn--think online chess but with minions instead of pawns and many more explosions.

Check out the gameplay tutorial in the video below for more information.

You can get Arena of Heroes on the iPad, for free, right here and you can get the PC or Mac versions here.

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Scott "Jarimor" Hawkes, Editor in Chief

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