Nexus Talk 7: Elder Games

Richie Procopio provides a recap on everything at level cap in WildStar

Part of the joy of playing an MMORPG is that sense of journey; exploring an unknown world full of mystery and adventure. Unfortunately, for many games that adventure ends once our character hits level cap. Reaching maximum level is an achievement in itself, but for many of us the climb can feel pointless if there’s nothing waiting at the summit.

It’s why Carbine is focusing heavily on the Elder Game – they don’t want our game to end when we reach that final ding. In his latest episode of Nexus Talk, WildStar aficionado Richie Procopio provides a recap of everything that will be available for us to enjoy once we’ve hit max level. Whether it’s large groups or small, PvE or PvP, there’s something that’ll interest everyone.

If you’d like to throw Richie Procopio a question, either leave a comment or hail him on Twitter at @richieprocopio.

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