E3 2013: Castithan DLC for Defiance

Trion shows off new DLC coming soon to Defiance


The first, most eye searing content that I saw in the DLC preview for Defiance, hosted by Trion's Trick Dempsey, was one of the new Arkfall events.

In the Castithan Charge Pack--release window not yet confirmed, other than "soon"--Arkfalls will receive some added variety in the form of a large robotic enemy that players will have only seen a version of, and not interacted with, near the Golden Gate Bridge in the current storyline.

While attacking the Dark Matter Monolith, a slightly smaller droid compared to the one already in game, players will have to contend with multiple enemies and objectives in an impressive, chaotic swarm of connecting events.


New Siege events will also add more content to make fans of the SyFy show happy, including an attack by the dreaded Volge, who made their large splash at the end of the series' pilot.

As the DLC features the Castithans in its title, it's no surprise that you will finally be able to add another race to your options for your character. When purchasing the DLC you will receive an item that will allow you to switch race to the pale skinned members of the Votan collective.

The blue energy blades that are often weilded by the lead Castithan characters in Defiance, the series, will be added to the game to bring a dash of color and menace to melee attacks.

The Raptor, a four person vehicle, also looks rather cool in a dune buggy with a bad attitude kind of way.

Although we won't be seeing any of the lead characters of the television show crossing over into the DLC, Trick promised excitign content that will lead on from the finale of season one and bridge the gap to season two, so don't expect the game's content to slow down when the show takes its respite.

Though, in my opinion, the game had a rocky beginning, Trion is putting its back firmly into improving the game and bringing content to breathe more life into the game world. From what I saw in the DLC preview, things are coming along nicely.

Scott "Jarimor" Hawkes, Editor in Chief

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