Command & Conquer: Welcome Back, General

The new Command & Conquer is going Free-to-play.

The upcoming Command & Conquer game is just going to be called Command & Conquer, and a new trailer for it was released at E3. The most interesting thing to come out about the game is that it will launch as a free, live service.

If you are like us, you read free, live service as a new F2P MMORTS. The game however doesn't appear to be an MMO however, but may end up closer to what players see currently with games like LoL and DotA with gameplay staying true to the original game with an added cash shop. Victory Games, the studio behind the new game, even said they are "dedicated to player-driven design, where a large part of evolving, developing and expanding game content is based on community activity", which sounds more like patches and new Generals than typical DLC.

The game is set in the Command & Conquer: Generals world where players will be able to select from dozens of Generals from three factions: Global Liberation Army, European Union and Asia Pacific Alliance. Each of the numerous Generals will have their own unique arsenal, battle style and personality allowing players to focus on a playstyle of their choice whether that be base defense, stealth, rushing or firepower.

In addition to the expanded lineup of Generals, the game is also expanding the offering of game types. Popular modes from the past like Multiplayer Deathmatch and Solo Skirmish are making a return as well as the new Onslaught mode, where players have to work together in co-op to defend their base from enemy hordes.

Command & Conquer will be launching later this year, but players can sign up for closed beta access now on the official site.

Matt "Mattsta" Adams

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