The Weekly Marmot: Not a Goodbye

Josh "Lore" Allen signs off in the final episode of the World of Warcraft show


So here we are.

As Josh "Lore" Allen packs aways his Rubik's Cubes and prepares to begin his career as a World of Warcraft community manager with Blizzard, he sits down to deliver a very special, and final, The Weekly Marmot.

Lore speaks of the strange journey he has been on in recent years including his reason for becoming such an influence in the community, the origin of Tankspot and all points between there and here.

He also gives some details on the ZAM Official YouTube channel and some hints on what to expect. Expect more information from us very soon; but rest assured, like Josh, I think you're going to like it. Be sure to subscribe to us to be notified as soon as the ton of new content hits.

So sit back, settle in and spend an hour with the very final episode of The Weekly Marmot.

On a personal note, since becoming a part of the wild and weird gaming world my every interaction with Josh has exemplified his talent and generosity. The person you see in his videos is exactly the person that I've had the pleasure to speak with on numerous occasions over the past year or so and it's no surprise to me, or anyone else, that Blizzard has taken him on board.

Good luck Josh, we all look forward to seeing you again with that blue-name sheen.

Scott "Jarimor" Hawkes, Editor in Chief


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