Marvel Heroes: Doom's Story Continues

The second Chronicle of Doom video is released along with a Wolverine spotlight


You would think that having your own country, an intellect that dwarfs most sentient beings in an expanding universe and access to all the funky green cloaks you could ever want would satisfy some people. But no, Doctor Doom wants more. Actually, he wants everything.

In the latest of the four part Chronicles of Doom series, the prequel story for Marvel Heroes -- the ARPG from Gazillion -- continues.

Click Here for Hi-Res Version

Not content with releasing a video comic, today you can also get a glimpse of everyone's favorite Canadian -- no, not Nathan Fillion this time -- the best he is at what he does, Wolverine.

Watch below to see Logan get his "Snikt!" on and click here to sign up ready for Marvel Heroes' launch on June 4.

Scott "Jarimor" Hawkes, Editor in Chief


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