The Penultimate PST

Josh "Lore" Allen responds to your World of Warcraft questions for almost the final time


Just one more PST after this edition, but let's not get maudlin. Instead, Josh "Lore" Allen jumps in with his usual fervor as he picks out the best of your questions from his mailbag -- well, inbox -- and drops his World of Warcraft insights with his usual aplomb.

This week's ponderings include whether Titan and WoW might have a shared subscription and whether LFR's earning curve is so flat it actually impedes progression to Normal raids. You can peruse the full list below.

0:26 - Could WoW and Titan have a shared subscription fee?
3:34 - Should Blizzard just remove valor gear?
6:40 - How can I help my guild progress without being a GM or officer?
11:45 - Why am I not allowed to do dailies while in a raid group?
15:55 - Should Throne of Thunder have had a healer gimmick fight like Tsulong?
19:26 - Does the ease of LFR make it more difficult to learn fights on Normal difficulty?
23:29 - Why wouldn't we fight Sargeras?
27:10 - Why does Killing Spree just get me killed most of the time?

Keep your browser at ZAM and Tankspot to see more of Lore before he packs his bags and heads to Blizzard. Also, stay tuned for exciting news about new content and new faces coming to ZAM's official YouTube channel, coming very soon...

Scott "Jarimor" Hawkes, Editor in Chief


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