A New MOBA Appears: Dawngate

EA has revealed more details about its new MOBA title Dawngate!

Not only is it another great year in the MMO calendar, with many high profile games making headlines this year, but it is also the year everybody will be shoving MOBA games in your face. Today it is EA's turn with its new title Dawngate, from the studio Waystone Games.

Developers Waystone Games recently teamed up with Machinima VS, the competitive gaming wing of Machinima, to release a first look at their new MOBA title Dawngate. The developers talk about contributing to the genre, the future of MOBAs, lore and game design, as well as eSports:

At a quick glance, the game certainly looks a lot like its respected predecessors, but there are enough differences to change the gameplay.

Working with what we learn from the video above first. While the map is your standard 5v5, it is also a two-lane map, and notably it has resource hubs called Spirit Wells in each of the four corners. When captured, the Spirit Wells will spawn workers who will automatically collect resources for your team, making it a key strategical location to get an edge over your opponent.

In games like League of Legends and DotA 2, keeping control of resources on the map is vital to winning; the team that is able to control the runes/buffs and the Dragon/Baron/Roshan typically wins the game.

I am very interested to see how the presence of Spirit Wells impacts the gameplay, especially since there are only two lanes, but five players, meaning one player will likely be a jungler/infiltrator who tries to kill enemy workers and/or steal away enemy Spirit Wells.

The folks over at Awesome-Robo had a chance to try Dawngate out while in Closed Beta; let's have a look at some of their findings, particularly in regard to items: 

“The game has no traditional items when you peruse the shop in base, instead offering an abstracted set of principles: Life, Resilience, Will, Power, Time and Hunger with branching purchase trees offering distinct passive abilities. One of my first items branched out into Glory, which offered a passive damage aura that worked perfectly with my up close and personal tanking Shaper. While initially confusing to figure out, including an absence of a philosophy for casters from what I could tell, it's an interesting take on the traditional item builds.”

I can't make too much of an analysis of how this works in the game without having played it myself. But, the one thing I would say is that items in League of Legends and DotA are very distinctive and memorable because they are more than just a '+30 strength', they have a name and their own unique function; it means something when you complete your Infinity Edge or Guardian Angel. You could say they are like a character in the game. 

There are also apparently spells similar to those in League of Legends and Smite; be sure to head on over to Awesome-Robo to read all about it.

It is really good to see that the developers are going to be very involved in the community with this project. They have already setup a Twitch TV and YouTube channel which they have said they will be broadcasting from, and they are starting beta as early as Friday, blimey!

While a little dubious about how Dawngate will be monetized under the house of EA, I am very curious to see what this passion project from Waystone Games can bring to the genre.

You can sign-up to the beta on the official Dawngate website.

Chris Rainey, Columnist

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