Rift: More Benefits Announced for Paying Members

Current and long-time Rift subscribers to receive new perks as game goes F2P

Originally revealed via a Trion Worlds livestream on Friday, RIFT's Creative Director, Bill Fisher, took to the official forums to detail some of the perks for subscribers who previously signed up for 6-month and 1-year subs, as well as those who choose to remain subscribers (now known as "patrons") as the game transitions to a free-to-play model.

Players who purchased the special Storm Legion/1-year sub bundle will receive "roughly $50" worth of the new virtual currency used in the game's cash shop. Those who instead opted for the game-time only 1-year or 6-month subs will receive a special Ice Raptor mount. Players who have over one year of remaining game-time are currently set to receive $5 worth of cash shop currency per remaining month.

For those who choose to continue paying for the game going forward, the team is currently working to give them a 10% discount in the cash shop, as well as 7000 units of yet another type of currency known as "Loyalty" on a monthly basis. Much about the Loyalty system is currently a mystery, so what that translates into is unknown at this time.

The aforementioned benefits are in addition to all of the other perks being given to patrons, such as EXP boosts, in-game currency bonuses, enhanced mount speed and more (see RIFT's Free-to-Play page for the current list). Bill also mentioned that they hoped to have more finalized next week.

- Douglas J. VanDerveer

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