Guild Wars 2: Southsun Achievement Guide

Richie Procopio tours the new Southsun content and achievements


The Secrets of Southsun patch for Guild Wars 2 is now live and with it comes a bevy of new activities for you to enjoy. The living story takes you to the karka-filled island of Southsun Cove where you will help Inspector Kiel keep the peace between the Consortium and the recently-displaced refugees.

The local fauna on Southsun has also become unnaturally aggressive and you can help Head Researcher Levvi figure out the root cause. This video guide will show you where to collect all of the samples needed for this research and help you unlock the Southsun Volunteer Fieldwork achivement. For helping Levvi out, you’ll be rewarded with a spiffy back corsage called the Fervid Censer, which will brighten the day of even the most surly Charr.

Richie "Bogotter" Procopio


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