Evil Geniuses Kick pro-gamer Greg 'IdrA' Fields

Veteran StarCraft pro-gamer Greg 'IdrA' Fields released from team Evil Geniuses!

Premier North American eSports team Evil Geniuses has dropped the biggest and most shocking headline in recent StarCraft history; it has released StarCraft veteran Greg “IdrA” Fields from its team.  

American StarCraft player IdrA, who has been a staple of the Evil Geniuses brand for nearly three years, has been released from the EG StarCraft team after a final insult to the community.

The statement released by Evil Geniuses CEO Alex Garfield expresses how hard the decision was for him:

“To state the obvious, this was a very difficult decision for us. Over the past several years, we as an organization have grown close to Greg, and we have developed a deep appreciation and respect for him as a person. We consider him a member of our family, and parting ways with him leaves us all with a very heavy feeling in our stomachs.”

But more than anything he explains the reasoning behind this decision:

“The eSports industry, and companies like Evil Geniuses, would not be possible without the passion and support of our community. We, as a company, cannot and will not be supportive of anyone who does not show due respect and appreciation for the community that makes everything we do possible.”

Evil Geniuses was left with no other option but to make the final call, as it did in the past with its investigation into racist remarks made by commentator Orb.

The news was made public during a popular live-streamed StarCraft II talk show State of the Game by friend and now former teammate Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson, who is also a StarCraft veteran. The live-stream concurrent viewer-count shot from 3,000 viewers to over 13,000 as news spread fast.

Click to see iNcontroL recieving the news live on air and announcing it - Be advised of strong language

The subsequent Reddit thread amassed more than 2,000 upvotes within the hour, quickly reaching the front-page of Reddit.

24 hours later the Reddit thread now has over 11,000 upvotes and 8,000 downvotes, with nearly 3,000 comments. The disparity between upvotes and downvotes is fairly symbolic of the love-hate relationship the community had with IdrA.

Fellow Evil Geniuses players, iNcontroL and Benjamin "DeMusliM" Baker both heard the news for the first time while on camera during live-streams; both were moved by the news – so much so that they had to step away from the camera to collect their thoughts.

Suffice to say the community was shocked by the news, even though the community itself has been outright against IdrA over the last weeks.

Always stone-cold and emotionless while competing, IdrA became one of the most infamous players in the StarCraft community for his skill and tendencies to lash out at players.

Click through if you want to hear more about IdrA's story

Images used taken from Evil Geniuses Facebook page.


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