Tyria Talk 53: Guild Wars 2 and Short-Term Content

Richie Procopio discusses the pros and cons of GW2's use of shortlived content updates


Be it the Mad King dungeon, the clock tower jumping puzzle, Flame and Frost or other examples, Guild Wars 2 has plenty of content that comes in with a bang and exits in a flash.

In many MMOs we are used to seasonal content that stays for a short time, but Guild Wars 2 seems to be using limited time content in an entirely different way.

Is this strategy the way to keep people coming back to play Guild Wars 2? Do you think this is a good strategy that will keep you returning to sample bite-sized, regularly released content? Richie Procopio discusses the pros and cons of this approach in this week's Tyria Talk. Let us know what you think about this subject.


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