Guild Wars 2: The Secret of Southsun

With barely pause for breath, GW2 races out new mini-game, WvW features and more


So you've completed all of the content from Flame and Frost: Retribution, you figure you'll go back to farming for Ectos and working towards your legendary because, let's face it, who knows how long it will be until new content arrives with Guild Wars 2?

Not long at all actually.


Today ArenaNet anounced the next update to Guild Wars 2: The Secret of Southsun.

This content, coming May 14 -- just two weeks after the last major patch -- will update the Living Story, add a new Crab Toss game, introduce purchasable traps to remove supply, improve the reward system for WvW -- including rewards for destroying seige weapons, repairing walls and more.

Culling will also be consigned to the history books as it is being removed from the Living World, which should make Tyria feel more populated and vibrant as you see more of your fellow players as they adventure around you.


Apparently Southsun Cove is becoming an increasingly dangerous place. With refugees from the Molten Alliance attack adding a new complication to the locale, there is the additional issues with the local wildlife suddenly becoming increasingly aggressive. Inspector Ellen Kiel of the Lionguard will be needing your help in subduing the threat and investigate the goings-on.

The turnaround on content for Guild Wars 2 was already impressive, it's now starting to border on mind-boggling.

If you pass through Bellevue in the near future, do be quiet; those folks are burning the midnight oil.

[UPDATE: ArenaNet has informed us that the WXP and culling changes will not be in the immediate build. They are being worked on.]

Scott "Jarimor" Hawkes, Editor in Chief


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