PlanetSide 2: Ride to Battle in Style

The Harasser rolls out among many changes in huge Update 08


Did you always feel underdressed on your Flash quadbike?

When laying siege to the miscreants on Auraxis -- TR for the win -- did you want to be able to move quickly over the terrain but with a bit more firepower and a lot more bling?

With the advent of Update 08, the new strike vehicle, the Harasser, looks to be the answer to your problems.

Not only is there a shiny addition to PlanetSide 2's vehicle stable, but Update 08 brings new AV weapons for MAXs for each faction and much more. Check out the video below for the Harasser in action and read Matt Higby's recent outline of what else to expect -- including the delicious new TR stormtrooper-esque helm.

Because on Auraxis, conflict doesn't mean you have to lose your style.

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