GU66 Preview: Adventuring in the Scar

EverQuest II adventurers must stop the spread of corruption in Cobalt Scar.

Game Update 66, Scars of the Awakened, launches on Tuesday, April 30, 2013. In this update players visit the vastly changed Velious land of Cobalt Scar and its dungeon, Siren's Grotto.

Adventurers over level 90 can speak to Joren Kalth in any major city or on the Thurgadin docks in the Great Divide to be sent on their way to Cobalt Scar. Players once again work with Osh, who is trying to save his brethern from a corruption that has twisted their native land. After the othmir problem is addressed, the famed Field Marshal Vishra sends word, and the work to assist the New Combine with their various minor issues begins.

Cobalt Scar offers players 45 new quests, four daily missions, and one weekly group mission. Missions will send players who have completed most of the Cobalt Scar quests into Siren's Grotto, but access to Siren's Grotto itself has no requirements. The Scar has several contested heroic and epic creatures, which may drop the Obol currency for adventurers who have completed the Chains of Eternity signature quest series. New collections can be found in both new zones.

While owning the Chains of Eternity expansion will ease the combat difficulty of GU66, it is not required (the Destiny of Velious expansion is required). We recommend that your adventurer at least be equipped in Withered Lands or Skyshrine armor before diving into this update.


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