Patch Notes for April 24, 2013

Here are the patch notes from this morning's game update (taken from the patcher):

*** Items ***

- Shadow of Fear bows can now cast Prismatic Ward properly.
- Berserker chest armor now has the proper focus effect name: Sundering Discipline Quickening.
- Brell's Blessed Chromatic Strike and Brell's Sacred Chromatic Strike now trigger a separate mana return effect.

*** Quests & Events ***

- Prove Your Worth, Slave - Task updates should now be given to all players in the group when stealing fisherman bait.
- Hold Nothing Back - Task updates should now be given to all players in the group when lighting Shissar on fire, placing cursed weapons in chests, and throwing relic bundles to cultists.
- Ready The Killing Blow - Task updates should now be given to all players in the group when collecting armor in the gladiator training grounds, and using the tumor on scientists.
- How Puzzling All These Changes Are - The task element for killing shissar guards and rebel informants now directs you to the correct tunnels.
- Dial L for Luclin - If you do not get the update for the ritual, the quest will now reset to allow speaking to Aten Ha Ra again.

*** Spells ***

- Berserker - Modified Augmented Frenzy so that it only augments the Frenzy skill rather than every skill.  Increased the base recast time to 2 minutes.  Lowered the damage dealt by Augmented Frenzy Strike.  Corrected the description of Augmented Frenzy Effect.
- Cleric - Corrected the description of Shining Bastion.

*** NPC ***

- Chelsith Reborn - Turtles on the beach are no longer immune to snare effects.
- New, powerful rare challengers await in Chelsith Reborn. You might discover them if you seek out defeated gladiators, experimental mistakes, and worthy contenders.  You will find that they are unusually challenging but unusually rewarding.
- Fixed a problem that could cause Bashermaker to spawn under the world in Mesa.

*** AA ***

- Berserker - Savage Spirit should no longer cause Haste buffs to fade.
- Necromancer - Corrected a description error for Cascade of Decay.
- Wizard - Arcane Destruction should now correctly block up to 200,000hp of incoming damage before fading.

*** Tradeskills ***

- All new shawl recipes now correctly require a Beautiful Tiger Hide as per their descriptions.

- The EverQuest Team


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