New Guild Wars 2 Update is Monstrous

Flame and Frost: Retribution includes spectator mode, custom arenas and new dungeon


When ArenaNet does an update, it doesn't mess around.

In the final chapter of the Flame and Frost series of patches for Guild Wars 2, fans can expect a lot of new additions to the game; including SPvP, WvW and PvE content.


What's new to PvE?

Accompany the heroic, cantankerous duo of Rox and Braham as they delve underground through Molten Weapon Facilities, the brand new story dungeon, to take down the arsenal forged by the unlikely villainous partnership between dredge and charr. This will be the culmination of the battle against the dredge and Flame Legion which includes bosses such as the one pictured above.


Enemies in the dungeon will be equipped with new hybrid weaponry. Want to know what happens when you cross a Flame Legion weapon with a dredge armory? You get Sonic Blast for a start.



Also, four new weapon skins will be available in the Gems store, such as Rox's Short Bow and quiver and Braham's Mace and shield, with the bow and mace previewed above. You'll also be able to buy a Sonic Tunneling Tool from the store, if you fancy some brief subterranean excursions.

There will be new Guild Missions, including an aquatic quaggan guild rush through Frostgorge Sound and 24 new guild trek locations across Tyria.


What to Expect in WvW

Along with the shiny guild siege weapons and back banners that bear your guild's emblem, you will be able to enhance your power in WvW with new abilities, such as Arrow Cart Mastery and Guard Killer (which includes five levels of deadliness).


Coming to SPvP, Time to Rejoice

A limited beta for Custom PvP Arenas will be going onto the live server. Creating the arenas will be limited to a small pool of players but all will be able to play in them and, perhaps even more excitingly, watch them. Yes, it's time to find out what Guild Wars 2's spectator mode will be like. Prepare for a YouTube deluge?

All of this will be landing when Flame and Frost: Retribution hits the servers with a bang on April 30.


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