Guild Wars 2: Introducing Leaderboards

Leaderboards for WvW, sPvP, and Achievements are now live!

The long awaited Leaderboards for Guild Wars 2 are now active over on the game's site. With the initial launch of the leaderboards, players can find sPvP, WvW and Achievement rankings. The sPvP and Achievement leaderboards currently only show the top 100 users, but over the next few weeks the number will be ramped up along with additional ways to sort the data.


The Achievement Leaderboard is the most basic. It sorts player accounts by their total achievement score as well as listing their home server.

World vs. World has the middle ground on complexity and might be familiar to some players. It ranks each of the servers for the selected region (NA or EU) based on their rating. Additionally, the leaderboards lists the Deviation (Degree of certainty for the current ranking. The higher the number the more confidence in that rating) and Volatility (Degree of expected fluctuation. Lower numbers are more stable).

Lastly is the sPvP leaderboard. Players are ranked based on their PvP rating, but this isn't shown on the leaderboard itself. Instead it shows the Wins, Losses and Win Percentage along with Account, Character, and Home World names. This leaderboard does not count all matches however, but only Ranked Matches (also known as the 1-round/2-team tournaments). In order to give some stability to the leaderboards, players will not show up on the boards until at least 10 Ranked Matches have been played.

Colin Johanson took to the forums to inform players that what you see is just the beginning:

"The list will continue to be expanded over the next week, we’ve got it at the top 100 today to ensure the site handles the traffic load initially, and then we’ll continue to expand listings and search options. Fear not, you’ll be able to search regardless where you are on the ladder and know what % you fall into over-all."

 Matt "Mattsta" Adams


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