Post-apocalyptic Shooter MMO Turns to Kickstarter

Cancelled Post-apocalyptic RPG/Shooter MMO Grimlands needs your help

In a world before Kickstarter, projects like the one we speak of today would have simply disappeared without a whimper, but in today's world they can bypass the publisher and go straight to the playerbase to seek funding. That is what the folks over at Polish studio DRAGO are trying to do after publisher Gamigo, "changed its strategy from Development to only Distribution." DRAGO needs your help to finish their post-apocalyptic RPG/Shooter MMO, Grimlands

To recount their own pitch, Grimlands is an "innovative mix of Shooter and MMORPG with an open, post-apocalyptic world, incredible crafting & free skill development." Looking at the videos I am definitely getting the Fallout/Borderlands vibe, it doesn't look too dissimilar to other such MMOs as Fallen Earth and even draws some paralels to just released Defiance, though with less aliens and more Western music. 

Grimlands follows the trend of MMOs steering cleer of class systems, the holy trinity and even character levels. It also promises a large world to explore, player-driven economy, incredible crafting, customizable vehicles and PvP, including Duels, Open World PvP, PvP Areas, Clan Wars and Territorial PvP.

That's a lot to promise, though they have been developing this for the last five years. With the help of Kickstarter and $650,000 they hope to finish development of the game and hold a third Closed Beta as soon as June.

What do you think, is Grimlands the post-apocalpytic fix you need to keep you until Wasteland 2 hits? Be sure to check out the project in full on Kickstarter.


Chris Rainey, Columnist  


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