Guild Wars 2: April Foolin'

ArenaNet debuts its April Fools content that will remain throughout April!

ArenaNet is getting the party started early and will already have released their “April Fool's” content for Guild Wars 2, called the Super Adventure Box, on March 31st. The SAB will not just be a single day affair however, but will last the entire month of April. The Super Adventure Box was started as a small jumping puzzle project, but the devs soon discovered that it was even bigger than they originally imagined, to the point that they were creating “a game within a game”.

The Super Adventure Box was created by an Asuran trying to revolutionize how young progenies learn. This revolutionary method is through a style reminiscent of those old-school games that older players grew up with, from the 8-bit stylized graphics to the synth-heavy music.

Upon entering the Super Adventure Box, players start outside the lobby where they must pay the gatekeeper a coin to enter. Don't worry however, as the coins to enter are given away for free from a nearby vending machine. Past the gate is the lobby where players may select which world and zone to start. At first players may only select World 1 – Zone 1, but as a character gets to later stages they may travel instantly from the lobby. It also appears that only one member of a party needs to unlock later stages to allow instant access to them.

For players who are not all that fond of jumping puzzles, ArenaNet has added an Infantile Mode, accessed by walking up to the cloud in the lobby instead of entering one of the houses. In this mode, clouds that fart rainbows will bridge gaps, allowing players to skip the difficult jumps.Everything else in Infantile Moderemains the same as normal, except for the end of zone chests. Given as rewards for defeating each zone boss, these chests give two special Bauble Bubbles in normal mode, but only a handful of plain Baubles in Infantile Mode.

The main currency of the Super Adventure Box is called a Bauble. This is used in the box to purchase upgrades, extra lives, health potions, as well as being ammunition for ranged and bomb weapons. Outside of the box, players can talk to Moto to exchange 25 baubles for a continue coin (which allows players to continue without having to restart after losing all their lives) or 250 for a bauble bubble. Bauble Bubbles are what players will be most interested in as 50 of these will buy the new Super weapon skins, 25 will buy the Super backpack skin, 3 will buy the Super Adventure Box o' Fun, and one will buy an Obsidian Shard, the Mystic Forge items Crystal or 6 Philosopher's stones, or five continue coins.

The upgrades and baubles collected in the box will persist after leaving, making them available the next time the character re-enters. These however will not persist across characters, so starting the box on a different character will require purchasing any upgrades you want again for that character. The upgrades consist of bombs and the slingshot (which after unlocking both use the baubles as ammunition), the shovel, the whip, the wallet (which upgrades the max bauble carrying limit from 250 to 500) and a couple other free or hidden upgrades.

The Super Adventure Box isn't all laid bare in front of players, with a few hidden surprises for those who look hard enough or have the right unlocks available. For example, while there are some obvious locations for using the bomb to find a hidden area, there are also some unmarked locations where using a bomb or the shovel will reward players with a nice bauble boost. For the achievement hunters out there who noticed the shovel use achievement, this achievement tallies every time the shovel is used whether the player finds something or not.

There is currently just one world with three zones in the Super Adventure Box with a preview of a World 2 – Zone 1 showing what could be added if the SAB becomes a hit. The last zone of World 1 ends with an epic boss fight. I won't spoil too much, but when fighting the boss pay attention to where he is looking, attacking him while he is looking around might cause him to drop a few things, and choking on jewels is never a good thing. Or is it?

Matt "Mattsta" Adams


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