WildStar Shines at PAX East 2013

Carbine shows off Player Housing and so much more at PAX East

PAX East is upon us and the folks from Carbine were out in full force today showing off a plethora of new WildStar goodies and letting hungry fans experience firsthand some of the amazing content we've seen coming out as of late. Some of the playable content included new zones, the Explorer and Soldier paths, all three currently announced races from each faction and even the new Stalker class.

While it wasn't included in the show floor build, we did get a look at two brand new zones, the Crimson Isle and Halon Ring, and were treated with more details on WildStar's robust housing options. NCsoft hooked us up with more press content than we could possibly include here, but read on to get a taste of the highlights.

Housing: No such thing as too many options

Player housing is one of those features that seems to add so much depth of immersion in an MMO, at least when it's done right. Yet so often it seems to fall a little short, whether in scope, believability, or simply in programming limitations. It's no small task to undertake for a developer and one can certainly understand why some are reluctant to take it on.  However, WildStar laughs in the face of developer reluctance and takes on player housing with gusto.

From what we have seen players can fully customize both the interior and exterior of their new home on Nexus (okay, technically it’s floating on a platform above Nexus, but you get the idea). While a lot of the designs are themed according to particular races, players should have no problem creating a home that uniquely represents their character and their own particular tastes. Bring on the trophy room!

But it doesn't stop there. You can include a vast array of additional structures and facilities that are not only ornamental but quite functional as well. We don't have a full list yet but it would seem that your generous plot of land can be tailored to suit whatever needs you have in-game, be they gathering, crafting, tuning up your dps, hosting social events, or even getting buffs from your own personal raid portal.

If it's even half as awesome as it looks to be, player housing in WildStar is shaping up to be almost a game unto itself. I mean really, who has time to raid when you have house to maintain, land to develop, neighbors to meet, and housing specific missions to complete? We're all pretty excited about it and we could go on talking for quite some time, but let's let the developers speak for themselves. 

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