Chronoportals Reactivate in Norrath!

The annual celebration of Norrathian history starts March 21.

Just after midnight Pacific Time on March 21 ancient portals re-open to take players back in time to battle creatures of a distant past. The EverQuest II Chronoportals event celebrates 14 years of the original EverQuest with legacy encounters re-imagined for EQII. Many of the Portal to the Past events have memorable dialogues that any former EverQuest player can appreciate.

This year there is a new Chronoportals collection quest which rewards Ancient Platinum Coins to spend at the event merchants. The purchasable rewards include three new EQ house paintings!

Whether you're looking for the chronoportal that Quillmane dwells within or need some help defeating the Nagafen's Lair encounter, our Chronoportals guide has it all. The event will run until 11:59pm Pacific Time on March 28, 2013.


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