$170,000 MLG Winter Champs Crowned

An epic weekend of MLG Winter Champs eSports content comes to a close

The MLG Winter Championships have come and gone, competitors accross three games took home $170,000 of prizes, and preparation for the next tournament begins.

For League of Legends, we saw some of the amatuer teams who will go through to the qualifiers for their shot at becoming a contracted professional LCS (League of Legends Championship Series) team.

StarCraft II saw some unbelievable competition between the best players in StarCraft history, including Flash--perhaps the greatest RTS gamer in history--who made it to the finals only to be defeated by now back-to-back MLG winner Life, who is now one very rich 16 year old.  

On the Call of Duty stage we saw some of the best teams in the world compete in an all out brawl, a massive turnout for the console scene who were the flag-bearers of MLG in the years before StarCraft II and League of Legends

StarCraft and League of Legends received an audience of over 130,000 concurrent viewers each on the TwitchTV livestreams, certainly nothing new for League of Legends, but a huge resurgence for StarCraft II, encouraged by the recent release of the Heart of the Swarm expansion. Call of Duty recieved a much more modest 30,000 viewers, while not as massive as the PC titles, certainly a good sign of things to come for the rebounding console community who put on a good show. 

The Winners: 

Call of Duty: Black Ops II on Xbox 360: $50,000 in prizes; First place - $20,000

In addition to cash prizes, the top eight Call of Duty: Black Ops II teams earned trips to Hollywood, CA to compete for their share of a $1 million total tournament purse in the Call of Duty® Championship April 5-7.

  • 1st = $20,000 - Fariko Impact
  • 2nd = $12,000 - Unite
  • 3rd = $7,000 - vVv Gaming
  • 4th = $4,000 - CompLexity
  • 5th and 6th = $2,300 - EnVyUs  and OpTic Gaming
  • 7th and 8th = $1,200 - Elgato SoaR and Quantic Gaming

League of Legends: $45,000 in Prizes

  • North American Summer Promotion Qualifier
    • 1st = $20,000 and a spot in the May Promotion Tournament into Riot’s LCS - Cloud 9
    • 2nd = $5,000 - Velocity eSports
    • 3rd/4th = $2,500 - Curse, Dignitas
  • International Exhibition Tournament
    • 1st = $10,000 - KT Rolster B
    • 2nd = $5,000 - Gambit Gaming

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm: $75,000 in prizes; First place - $25,000

  • 1st = $25,000 –Life – back to back MLG StarCraft II Champion – Fall Championship 2012 and Winter Championship 2013
  • 2nd = $15,000 -Flash
  • 3rd = $9,000 – Innovation
  • 4th = $6,000 - MC
  • 5th/8th = $3,000 - Last
  • 5th/8th = $3,000 – Bomber
  • 5th/8th = $3,000 - Parting
  • 5th/8th = $3,000 – Rain
This MLG has been one to remember for me, helped markedly by the new format. All-round the layout of the various stages was better, not having the two massive StarCraft II and League of Legends crowds side-by-side made it seem less clustered and more personal, a definite improvement.
The casters stage between those was also a massive improvement, the casters who are usually hidden back-stage were out in front allowing them to interact with the crowds, creating some of the moments that I will remember this MLG for--Phreak and Optimus dancing with the League of Legends crowd and the late night StarCraft crowd nerding out with Day 9 and Husky
All that said, MLG CEO, Sundance DiGiovanni has been listening to the community feedback and has heard the single-elimination and no extended series complaints, and will take those into consideration for the next event. It was a fantastic weekend full of record breaking numbers and we look forward to another year of explosive growth in eSports! If you missed it, all of the games are available to watch on majorleaguegaming.com.
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