Neverwinter Monster Manual

How To Deal With Ogres and Goblins

If you're a Dungeons & Dragons player, you know that the Monster Manual has long been a go-to reference as a dungeon master. Cryptic is making sure that resource lives on in Neverwinter, and they've issued an update to their own Monster Manual -- today we learn about Ogres and Goblins!

First up, the Goblins. Goblins are a fantasy staple and of course have been a part of D&D for as long as D&D has been.

The Goblin race is feisty, vicious, and numerous in strength. Like their greater cousins, the orcs, goblins are uncivilized humanoids living in a barbaric, clan-base society. Well-known to be thieves and war-minded creatures, goblins are always eager to strike at weaker opponents at any given opportunity. They are seen as a dangerous threat to civilized society because they are nearly impossible to eradicate, and their numbers grow stronger with each passing day.

Similarly, the big, brutish Ogres have been there all along and serve to make players lives miserable here in Neverwinter as well.

Aggressive, strong, and dull-witted, ogres are quintessential brutes.  They can be easily rallied to a cause if the promise of mayhem and destruction is strong enough.  The stupidity of ogres is legendary; few of them can count to ten or build even the simplest shelter to protect their monstrous size.  They can rarely speak the common tongue and their vocabulary is usually limited to the simplest notions, including “kill,” “gold,” and “mine!”

There's plenty more to read on both of these and other races over on the official Neverwinter site. Neverwinter is currently in beta and expected to release this year.

 Bill "Lethality" Leonard


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