Dragon's Prophet Closed Beta Starts Soon.

Take to the skies with your dragon companion. Details on how to get into the upcoming beta.

The development team at Runewaker brings their newest title, Dragons Prophet. A free-to-play fantasy MMO that boasts all of the epic combat, gorgeous environments, and immersive game play that we as gamers have come to expect from a title in the MMORPG genre. Runewaker, just announced today that the Dragons Prophet closed beta invitations would be going out very soon, and the first part of their closed beta would begin Tuesday, March 19th.

Becoming One With The Dragon

Aside from just being a free-to-play MMO, one of the key distinctions between Dragons Prophet and other titles in the genre, is how they are approaching the incorporation of dragons into their game. Rather than making them the generic fantasy creatures which players must kill in order to obtain loot from, Dragons Prophet takes a different approach and instead focuses on the human-dragon relationship and how they both play an important role in the fantasy world of Auratia. Dragons will not only be your enemies, but some will become your closest allies.

If that trailer has you you excited and eager to jump into the world of Dragons Prophet, then be sure to go sign up for the beta and soon you may be given the chance to fly with dragons yourself. For more information on Dragons Prophet, be sure to head on over to their official website.


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