Find Your Inner Beauty

Allies will fall in love with this support god

SMITE's newest goddess struts her stuff unto the field of battle. If you thought SMITE lacked sex appeal then Aphrodite will probably change your mind in all of her under-clothed glory. Luckily for her she isn't the one taking the hits.

Aphrodite has a wide range of uses in team fights and in the early laning phase. Her abilities are all about providing protection and buffs to her "soulmate."


Passive: Loving Embrace- Gaining Aphrodites favor returns a percentage of all of Aphrodite's mana gained to her "soulmate,"

Kiss: Blows a kiss to a god in front of Aphrodite. If the kiss hits an allied god they become the goddess's soulmate and gives both gods a speed boost. If the kiss hits an enemy god they are stunned and Aphrodite's soulmate becomes jealous, going into a rage that increases their attack damage by a percentage.

Back Off!: Like the diva she is Aphrodite commands all enemies to get away, causing a knock back and dealing moderate magic damage. If Aphrodite has a soulmate this attack affects them instead of Aphrodite.

Love Birds: Aphrodite calls forth a flock of doves to heal her and her soulmate while dealing magic damage over time to enemies that are caught in their path. Doves are dangerous, dangerous beasties.

Undying Love: Aphrodite removes all crowd control from her and her soulmate while granting them immunity. This ability can turn the tide of fights or save you from an otherwise inescapable situation if used correctly.


Aphrodite is argueably SMITE's first god that is almost purely support. She does little to no damage in comparison to other gods, but her ability to keep an ally healed and ready to go for the next engagement in their lane is hard to match. The added mana boost she gives her soulmate really makes her lane sustainability over the top, you will be able to keep on leveling while your enemies go back over and over if you play smart.

In late game she can actually pick up some kills with her move Back Off! which I have hit up to 500 with (on squishier gods). Do not expect to be the team carry though, you will have to take pride in knowing that you were the one who kept your team going and saved your physical ranged god on numerous occasions.

As a fan of support in other MOBAs Aphrodite is a welcome member to my line up of preferred gods to lane with in conquest matches.

Good luck finding your inner beauty with Aphrodite.

Peyton "FluidD" Montgomery

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