Heart of the Swarm Launch Broadcast

Blizzard broadcast global launch events in the run-up to Starcraft expansion launch

Living up to the legacy of StarCraft: Brood War is an impossible task quite truthfully, and while the initial StarCraft IIWings of Liberty campaign has had its fair share of troubles, you cannot deny that the massive growth in eSports today can be accredited to its success. With the next expansion launching on March 12, Blizzard has kicked-off a 21 hour broadcast covering launch parties across the world, Korea, Australia, Europe and United States.

The launch parties in Melbourne, Australia and Seoul, Korea have already passed by and if the European Global Launch and Day[9]/Team Liquid Community Broadcast are anything like them, you'll not want to miss out. Blizzard have teamed up with a host of popular community figures including commentators and professional players who will be showing off the new units and features of the expansion. 

The Heart of the Swarm Global Invasion broadcast can be found on TwitchTV and the schedule can be found on the official StarCraft II website. The professional players have been training hard during the beta and the eSports organisations are ready to switch. The IEM World Championships took place last weekend and the MLG Winter Championship are this weekend.

There is StarCraft II content to consume nearly any time of the day and is nearly always found on TwitchTV, Team Liquid is the main community website where you can find a full schedule (right side of website) for featured StarCraft community content. There is also a large active StarCraft community on the StarCraft sub-reddit. The Swarm Invasion has begun, will you be watching? 


Chris Rainey, Columnist


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