The Thunder King Has Arrived

Dominate Warcraft's Patch 5.2 with Wowhead's survival guide

World of Warcraft's Patch 5.2 has come and a lot of exciting content has followed. The Throne of Thunder is host to a new raid, the Isle of Thunder has been thrown into a tumultuous war, and a new dinosaur-themed zone has appeared called the Isle of Giants.

The new raid Throne of Thunder is stocked with loot ripe for the taking, LFR gives ilvl 502 gear, Normal gives ilvl 522, and Heroic gives ilvl 535. The Isle of Thunder contains new content, which can be unlocked by completing daily quests. And the Isle of Giants has dinosaurs, including mounts and pets. Excited yet?

5.2 has also brought about some more specific changes, season 13 has begun for arenas and rated battlegrounds. Season 13 will have a faction-specific Tyrannical Gladiator’s gear, as well as crafted gear at ilvl 458 and honor gear at ilvl 476 called Malevolent gear.

There is a new legendary questline which rewards whoever is man enough to complete it with a legendary metagem.

Some really interesting changes have come to professions. Blacksmiths have a new way to level up and also get the ability to craft some vanity weapons, while fishermen get a new daily. Ok, the last part wasn’t as exciting, but how about them blacksmiths?

Restrictions have been loosened for Transmog weapons. Players can aso collect some troll-themed gear which has the style of now unobtainable drops from Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman.

You can find the official patch notes here, and  make sure you check out Lore’s patch 5.2 survival guide before you head into the fray.

Peyton "FluidD" Montgomery


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