IGN ProLeague 6 Tournament Cancelled?

Fans scramble to recuperate costs as IPL 6 is rumored cancelled a month away

The community erupted last night as rumours emerged that IGN ProLeague 6, due to take place in less than a month at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, has been cancelled or postponed. This comes a week after Polygon published an internal memo being sent to IGN staff, informing them they would be “winding down” 1up.com, GameSpy.com and UGO.com, and are looking for a buyer of IPL as IGN shifts focus to “broadcast and cover a variety of eSports events”. 

After rumours circulated behind closed doors, former Evil Geniuses COO Scott Smith decided to bring it to public light, tweeting that IPL 6 will be cancelled or postponed. After that news had shot to the top of Reddit, James “Kennigit” Lampkin, Marketing Manager of one of the central eSports community sites Team Liquid, added:

In the interests of potentially saving people time and money, I'll take the hit.

We don't have confirmation from IGN that IPL6 is cancelled...but we all have REALLY good sources/"confirmation" outside of IGN that it's either cancelled or postponed. I think it's public enough at a "everyone in the know" level that there's a responsibility to let fans know: "Check how much advance you have to give to a hotel to cancel" or "Can i rebook this flight" IF it is cancelled/postponed. Teams can eat the costs if things are going where we think they may be going.

Again, it's not 100% cancelled, but the common belief among the teams/other orgs is "it's 0-99.999% not happening".

Organiser of the IPL 6 Korean League of Legends Qualifier OnGameNet announced that the Korean qualifiers have been cancelled due to change in management policies and financial difficulties. It has since been reported by GameSpot eSports reporter Rod Breslau that sponsors of the IGN ProLeague event are being returned products they had sent, this would typically include computers, monitors and other equipment necessary to run a gaming event. 

While we wait for an official statement from IGN ProLeague, it seems all but confirmed that the IPL 6 event in Vegas will not be happening as planned. With less than a month to go, teams and spectators who had booked flights and accommodation are scrambling to recuperate costs. MLG CEO, Sundance DiGiovanni has come out on Twitter saying: “If IPL 6 is actually cancelled I'd like to offer discounted entry to MLG Dallas for those who purchased spec [spectator] passes. Heavily discounted.” 

Rod Breslau also reported: “Potential buyers for the IPL brand have said to have reached a wide range of options, from other leagues to game publishers and developers.“ It does seem like we will see “IPL” events in the future. question is, how much has the poor communication of this situation damaged their reputation?  

We hope the situation can be salvaged and await an official response.


Chris Rainey, Columnist

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