Godsrule: Claim Your Title!

Exclusive title and in-game orbs up for grabs in ZAM and Gogogic giveaway


Are you ready to stake your place in a sprawling world full of danger? In Godsrule, an MMORTS from SEGA and Gogogic, you will have to wisely manage your ever-growing kingdom while crushing outside threats with an iron hand.

To help you get started on your way to immortality, ZAM, SEGA and Gogogic have teamed up to give you a boost with in-game orbs and an exclusive title for ZAM readers only!

All you need to claim your prize is be a free member of ZAM (you know it makes sense) and then head to our giveaway page where access is just a few clicks away. Grab your key, redeem it and start off on the path to domination.

Grab your key now before they vanish!



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